20 questions saving thousands of domestic violence victims’ lives

Learn more about the wonderful work the Family Safety Center is doing in the video and article below from WREG!


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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — A checklist is saving thousands of domestic violence victims lives in Shelby County.

Police, social workers and nurses are giving the survey to victims.

“I met him when I was 17,” Gwendolyn Turner said.

It’s hard to watch Turner relive the abuse.

“I was in the relationship five or six years before the first lick or slap ever came,” she said.

Turner didn’t grow up in a home with domestic violence, so she never knew the warning signs until it was too late.

“It got really bad. There was some hospitalization. I now have permanent black eyes. I wear makeup all the time, because of the black eyes. I only have 20 percent hearing in my right ear, because of an irreparable eardrum,” Turner said.

When Turner tried to get help, Shelby County wasn’t using the strategies it is now like the Danger Assessment.

“It would have made…

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